-----> It's a Playin game to see who gets into the playoffs in district 9-6A. PESH Vs. McKinney Boyd Monday 4/22/2019 at 6pm at McKinney High -----> Click the link for the April Workout Calendar 2019 April Calendar

*** Watch LIVE Games ***
At game time, a tweet will come out across our "@planoeastsb" twitter feed with a link to the LIVE broadcast. 

Also, you can go to "PESH Softball Booster Club" Channel on Youtube. There will be a video with "LIVE NOW" under it.

*** To watch REPLAYS  ***
Go to our YouTube Channel  "PESH Softball Booster Club" .

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Plano East Softball, during the fall, conducts multiple fundraisers to help suport the program. However, If you would like to help support our program in addition to the fundraisers We would love to accept your tax deductible generosity.  Below is a link to the current fundraiser.  We will take dollars, yen or even pesos.   

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