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Lady Panther MVPs

The MVP Award is an award presented annually to the player representing the best all-around effort for the entire season, these players are leaders who relentlessly support their teammates, make game changing plays and always play with intensity.  Their impact, tenacity and attitude are an inspiration to their teammates.  Their sportsmanship and character made the team better.  The following outstanding girls received this distinguished honor:


Jr. Varsity

2019 Ronni Ramos
2019 ?
2017 Amy Jensen
2017 Delaney Marsh And Allison Sievert
2016 Gabi Lopez
2016 Peyton Dunn
2015 Ashley Interrante 2015 Abby Waid
2014 Destiny Garza & Grace Canny 2014 Sharlanae Thomas
2013 Destiny Garza & Ashleigh Hinshaw 2013 Jaqui Morales
2012 Holly Kern 2012 Kate Newman
2011 Holly Kern 2011 Emily Griffin
2010 Holly Kern 2010 Ashleigh Hinshaw
2009 Taylor Jones 2009 Missy Reitz
2008 Taylor Jones 2008 Brittany Hyson
2007 Ashley Struchtemeyer 2007 Taylor Peterson
2006 Gabby Araujo 2006 Rachael Carter
2005 Katie Lenderman
2004 Karen Taylor
2003 Maria Beran
2002 Andrea Tribuzi
2001 Andrea Tribuzi
2000 Andrea Tribuzi

Lady Panther All-State Players


1st Team, Pitcher:  Taylor Jones

All-State Awards


Pitcher:  Taylor Jones (5A East)

Outfielder:  Shelbee Young (5A East)

Head Coach:  Karen Kalhoefer (5A East)


Lady Panther All-Region Players


DFW 5A Player of the Year:  Taylor Jones


Lady Panther All-District Players


1st Team:  Ronni Ramos

2nd Team: Aahmyri Kennedy, Nikole High

Academic All-District: Aahmyri Kennedy, Ashley Dart, Nikole High, Jordan Manworren, Angela Marentes, Taryn Savage


Newcomer of the Year: Carson Armijo

Catcher of the Year:  Amy Jensen

1st Team:  Bella Konieczka, Avery Markley

2nd Team: Gabbi Lopez, Ronni Ramos

Honorable Mention:  Malea Dickerson

Academic All-District: Malea Dickerson, , Amy Jensen, Bella Konieczka, Avery Markley, Ronni Ramos, Nikole High, Jordan Manworren


Newcomer of the Year: Ronni Ramos

1st Team: Ashley Maeder, Malea Dickerson, Bella Konieczka, Amy Jensen

2nd Team: Jena Konieczka, Gabbi Lopez, Avery Markley

Academic All-District: Ashley Maeder, Jena Konieczka, Malea Dickerson, Amy Jensen, Bella Konieczka, Avery Markley, Alicia Bermudez, Ashley Dart, Ronni Ramos


1st Team: Mackenzie Stark

2nd Team: Madi Stark, Ashley Interrante

Academic All-District: Amy Jensen, Bella Konieczka, Avery Markley, Ashley Maeder, Olivia Rosen, Jena Konieczka, Ashley Interrante,, Maddie Erickson


Co - Newcomer of the Year: Grace Canny

1st Team: Destiny Garza

2nd Team: Ashley Maeder, Kate Newman, Mackenzie Stark, Haley Wisdom

Honorable Mention: Jena Konieczka, Madison Stark

Academic All-District: Olivia Rosen, Jena Konieczka, Ashley Interrante, Ashley Maeder, Kate Newman, Nickie Champion, Haley Wisdom, Destiny Garza, Maddie Erickson


Catcher of the Year: KK Stevens

1st Team: Haley Wisdom,Sarah Morales, Destiny Garza, Ashleigh Hinshaw

2nd Team: MacKenzie Stark, Ashley Interrante

Honorable Mention: Jena Konieczka, Nicki Champion

Academic All-District: Olivia Rosen, Ashley Maeder, Jena Konieczka, Ashley Interrante, Kate Newman, Nickie Champion, Haley Wisdom, Destiny Garza, KK Stevens



MVP: Holly Kern

Offensive Player of the Year: Jacque Anthony (shared with Kristin Miles, Plano)

Defensive Player of the Year: Rachel Scott

Coach of the Year: Karen Kalhoefer

1st Team: KK Stevens, Chandler Cink, Ashleigh Hinshaw

2nd Team: Sarah Morales, Destiny Garza, Brittney Sheehan

Honorable Mention: Haley Wisdom

Academic All-District: Rachel Scott, KK Stevens, Nickie Champion, Haley Wisdom, Ashley Interrante



1st Team:  Holly Kern, Rachel Scott, Chandler Cink

2nd Team:  Kierin Stevens, Alyssa Jones, Courtney Watts

Honorable Mention:  Jacquelyn Anthony, Megan Newman, Missy Reitz

Academic All-District:  Rachel Scott, Megan Newman,

          Kristin Musolf, Kierin Stevens



MVP:  Holly Kern

Newcomer of the Year:  Missy Reitz

Coach of the Year:  Karen Kalhoefer

1st Team:  Megan Newman, Rachel Scott, Chandler Cink, Alyssa Jones

2nd Team:  Jaclyn Giovannini, Kierin Stevens, Lauren Peterson, Jacquelyn Anthony

Academic All-District:  Rachel Scott, Megan Newman, Renee Bresson,

          Kristin Musolf, Kierin Stevens



Pitcher of the Year:  Taylor Jones

1st Team:  Shelbee Young, Holly Kern

2nd Team:  Rachel Scott, Alyssa Jones

Honorable Mention:  McKenna Brown, Lauren Peterson,

                                 Megan Newman, Chandler Cink



Pitcher of the Year:  Taylor Jones

1st Team:  Danielle Tharp, Aarionte Austin

                  Sara Watson, Nicki Duff

2nd Team:  McKenna Brown, Lauren Peterson



Defensive Player of the Year:  Ashley Struchtemeyer

Utility Player of the Year:  Taylor Jones

1st Team:  Danielle Tharp, Sara Watson

                  Shelbee Young

2nd Team:  Gabby Araujo, Amy Keathley



1st Team: Katie Lenderman, Ashley Struchtemeyer,

                  Nicki Duff, Danielle Tharp

2nd Team:  Maria Beran, Amy Keathley, Gabby Araujo

                   Sara Watson

Honorable Mention: Laurel Brenneise



1st Team:  Karen Taylor, Katie Lenderman,

                  Laurel Brenneise

2nd Team:  Renee Mims, Ashley Struchtemeyer,

                   Nicki Duff

Honorable Mention:  Gabby Araujo


Utility Player of the Year:  Brittany Welch

1st Team:  Kerie Sorrells, Karen Taylor, Laurel Brenneise

2nd Team:  Noelle Richards, Ashley Struchtemeyer



Offensive Player of the Year:  Karen Taylor

Newcomer of the Year:  Maria Beran

1st Team:  Stephanie Edwards, Renee Mims, Erin Tidwell

2nd Team:  Brittany Welch

Honorable Mention:  Kati Tolle, Leigh Taylor



Most Valuable Player:  Andrea Tribuzi

Offensive Player of the Year:  Allison Tidwell

Newcomer of the Year:  Karen Taylor

1st Team:  Megan Jackson, Brittany Welch

2nd Team:  Rachel Ritchison, Lisa Weseman, Kati Tolle

Honorable Mention:  Stephanie Edwards



Mara Robertson, Andrea Tribuze, Melissa Dempsky, Megan Jackson

Allison Tidwell, Rachel Ritchison, Stephanie Edwards



Andrea Tribuzi, Nancy Scott, Melissa Dempsky, Allison Tidwell

Mara Robertson, Jerrell Price, Megan Jackson




Plano East Team Awards

'Heart' Award Winners

2019 - Nikole High

2017 - Malea "Mo" Dickerson

2016 - Amy Jensen

2015 - Haley Sparks

2014 - Olivia Rosen & Ashley Interrante

2013 - Sarah Morales

2012 - Darby Grizzard

2011 - Courtney Watts

2010 - Lauren Peterson

2009 - Taylor Peterson

2008 - Nicki Duff

2007 - "The Team"

2006 - Val Esquivel

2005 - Holly Cox

2004 - Noelle Richards

2003 - Renee Mims

2002 - Lisa Weseman

2001 - Lisa Weseman

2000 - Allison Harabis


'Big Stick' Award Winners

2019 - Ronni Ramos

2017 - Amy Jensen

2016 - Ashley Maeder & Ronni Ramos

2015 - Madi Stark

2014 - Ashley Maeder

2013 - Kierin "KK" Stevens

2012 - Jacque Anthony

2011 - Chandler Cink & Kierin "KK" Stevens

2010 - Meg Newman

2009 - Shelbee Young & Holly Kern

2008 - McKenna Brown

2007 - Ashley Struchtemeyer

2006 - Katie Lenderman & Nicki Duff

2005 - Katie Lenderman

2004 - Kerie Sorrells

2003 - Karen Taylor

2002 - Allison Tidwell, Megan Jackson

2001 - Allison Tidwell

2000 - Melissa Dempsky


'Gold Glove' Award Winners

2019 - Aahmyri Kennedy

2017 - Avery Markley

2016 - Amy Jensen

2015 - Mackenzie Stark

2014 - Mackenzie Stark

2013 - Mackenzie Stark

2012 - Rachel Scott

2011 - Missy Reitz

2010 - Rachel Scott

2009 - Rachel Scott

2008 - Aarionte Austin

2007 - Taylor Jones

2006 - Laurel Brenneise

2005 - Laurel Brenneise

2004 - Brittany Welch

2003 - Stephanie Edwards

2002 - Brittany Welch

2001 - Stephanie Edwards

2000 - Nancy Scott