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At game time, a tweet will come out across our "@planoeastsb" twitter feed with a link to the LIVE broadcast. 

Also, you can go to "PESH Softball Booster Club" Channel on Youtube. There will be a video with "LIVE NOW" under it.

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Go to our YouTube Channel  "PESH Softball Booster Club" .

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2012 Varsity Roster


No. Name Class Position
2 Darby Grizzard Sr Infield
3 Haley Wisdom So Outfield, 3rd
4 Brittney Sheehan Sr Outfield
5 Chandler Cink Sr Outfield
6 Ashley Interrante Fr Infield/Outfield
9 Rachel Scott Sr Short, 3rd
10 Nickie Champion So Infield/Outfield
12 Destiny Garza So Infield
13 Sarah Morales Jr 1st, 3rd
15 Holly Kern Sr Pitcher, 1st
16 Ashleigh Hinshaw Jr Pitcher, Infield
17 Jacque Anthony Jr 3rd, Pitcher
18 Kierin Stevens Jr Catcher
MGR Hailey Sparks Fr ..

2012 Junior Varsity Roster


No. Name Class Position
1 Madison Stark Fr TBD
2 Cindy Paul So TBD
3 Mackenzie Stark Fr TBD
6 Lauren Newby Jr TBD
8 Elexis Reyes Jr TBD
9 Kalyn Stamport Jr TBD
10 Jacqui Morales So Pitcher
11 Marissa Romero Jr TBD
12 Kelley Hendrick So TBD
13 Liz Baker-Livingston Jr TBD
15 Amanda Simmons So TBD
16 Kate Newman So Catcher, 3rd
18 Jessica Rude So TBD
19 Melissa McCaslin Fr TBD
20 Veronica Holguin Jr 1st and 3rd